Conozca nuestra política de privacidad (pt-BR)


Línea del tiempo

La narrativa sobre vigilancia masiva y protección de la privacidad tiene capítulos diarios, pero algunos momentos y hechos son puntos llamativos de esta historia. Sepa cuales llamaron atención de nuestra comunidad antivigilancia:

Citas sobre el tema

The right to privacy is often understood as an essential requirement for the realization of the right to freedom of expression. Undue interference with individuals’ privacy can both directly and indirectly limit the free development and exchange of idea - Frank La Rue
We check our social network feeds as a way to validate ourselves. There is a notion of collective intelligence and, at the same time, there is fear in that. As we look at our screens, they look at us. - Addie Wagenknecht
There is very little evidence to prove that surveillance has benefits, and that it has resulted in success anywhere - Renata Avila
States should promote strong encryption and anonymity. National laws should recognize that individuals are free to protect the privacy of their digital communications by using encryption technology and tools that allow anonymity online - David Kaye
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